Monday, January 23, 2012

Modern Hymnal Records Releases Free Digital Single by The Brixton Riot

The following press release is from our record label, Modern Hymnal Recordings...

Modern Hymnal Recordings is happy to release a free advanced download of two songs from the forthcoming Brixton Riot LP Palace Amusements.

DOWNLOAD - Signal To Noise
DOWNLOAD - Hipster Turns 30

Since the release of Sudden Fiction, The Brixton Riot has been steadily building an audience in the Northeast US through their high-energy shows. In 2011, they stepped back into the studio with Dave Harman at Arcade Audio and self-produced their debut full-length, Palace Amusements. The record was recored both at Arcade Audio and in their home studio. To put on the finishing touches, the band brought in well known engineer Frank Marchand (The Thermals, Bob Mould, Calexico) to mix the record, and the result is absolutely stellar.

With it’s roots in well known American acts like The Lemonheads, Pavement and Big Star, Palace Amusements really shines in its similarity to the crafty pop sensibilities of the late 80’s/early 90’s Australian power-pop scene. The vintage tonality and punk-like immediacy of tracks like “Signal to Noise” really bring to mind underground bands like The Sameloves or The Chevelles.

The Brixton Riot has a keen ear for the modern plight of underground pop in the United States. Songs like "Cover's Been Blown" ("it's an easy road home / to the commuter crawl") and "Losing Streak" ("every streak will one day reach an end") explore the push-pull psychology of playing in a rock band on the wrong side of 30. They also don't mind taking a playful jab at the fashionistas of neighboring hot spots ("Hipster can't hang with the rest of the kids / 10 years too late for a scene that fits...") on "Hipster Turns 30” or some of their "too cool for school" peers on "Canvas Shoes" ("it looks so real / I bet you're fooling them now / another street punk from a suburban town").

In a state known for celebrating scrappy working class underdogs and shallow ego trips, the Brixton Riot embraces the juxtaposition and gives it a rock and roll soundtrack.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bit Of Trivia, Dining Tips and Our Album Cover...

Did you know that today is the "most depressing day of the year"?

We didn't. At least not until this morning.

Apparently, it's known as "Blue Monday" (not to be confused with this far better Blue Monday)

So considering this little bit of useless trivia, it's even sweeter for us to write this post. Because we have the great pleasure to report the following news items...


Palace Amusements is DONE. Not mostly done, almost done or nearly done. Not done except for mixing or tweaks. Not done all but mastering. It's done as in you have read the last of our "it's on the way, we're nearly there, we're not just sitting on our asses" posts. It's stick a fork in it, signed, sealed and delivered done.

You're probably saying "well, if it's REALLY done where's the artwork?". Oh, ye of little faith.


And there it is. This is Matt's fine brush work and we're all thrilled with it. Getting four guys to agree on a cover is a lot harder than it sounds. And we'd be remiss if we didn't thank Chris Gash for his hard work on helping us with design ideas.


Palace Amusements will be released by the fine people at the New York based Modern Hymnal record label on March 6th, 2012. You'll be able to get it from their website, our website, ITunes and Bandcamp. You will also be able to get it at one of our shows, which we will be resuming in March. We are currently in the process of putting together a number of dates to support the release and we'll be posting them shortly. If you had a particular venue you would like to see us in, we'd love to know what it is so drop us a line.

Here's the final track listing for Palace Amusements

Signal To Noise
Hard To See The Sun
Canvas Shoes
Our Cover's Been Blown
Hipster Turns 30
Ocean Avenue
Strange Matter
Keep It Like A Secret
It's Been Too Long
Losing Streak

If you haven't seen it already, here's a promo video for the first track, "Signal To Noise"


It's too damn cold out, so I'm getting Vietnamese Pho for lunch. If you haven't tried it, you really should. It's hard to beat on a 23 degree day.

Stay Warm, kids!