Monday, January 28, 2013

6th Anniversary Show @ The Court Tavern (2/9/2013)


We're pleased to let you know that a week from this coming Saturday, we will be performing at the Court Tavern.  We're always happy to be at The Court, but this is a date of certain significance for us - it is the 6th anniversary of the first ever TBR show, all the way back on 2/9/2007. 

Even better, we're going to be joined by The Anderson Council for their "home town" CD release party for their great new full length, "Looking At The Stars".  Filling out the bill are Eastern Anchors - who are also supporting a recently released LP, the excellent "Drunken Arts & Pure Science" - and Hoboken's favorite sons, the magnificent Stuyvesant. 

It's only $7 and doors are at 8 PM.  We took the early slot so we'll be up first (we know you need to get home to pay the babysitter).  We also hear that the Court is looking really nice these days, with actual doors on the bathrooms now.  Looking forward to seeing that with our own eyes...

A 6th Anniversary seems like a strange thing to celebrate, but it's been a long and interesting ride to get here.  When the Court closed its doors last year, it seemed incredibly unlikely that we (or anyone) would play there again.  To say we are excited to be celebrating our 6th year together at the site of some of our earliest shows is an understatement.  We hope you will join us for the party.

Saturday, February 9th - 8 PM
The Brixton Riot
The Anderson Council
Eastern Anchors

Jerry / Mark / Matt / Steve