Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Update 2016


Greetings from shore towns and points north of the Driscoll.  Hope your summer is going splendidly.  It's been another "stop and go" season for us, but it's time to get things rolling again and here's all that's happening in the TBR camp.


We're happy to announce that we will be opening up this year's Sugarfest at The Citizen in Jersey City with Dentist, Fruit & Flowers and Karyn Kuhl Band.  As always, we're thrilled to be involved in one of Sugarblast/Signal To Noise's events - we're two time Camelfest veterans from the Dromedary days.  Al does a great job putting these bills together and the vibe is always one of friendship and community.  And of course, the music is always on point.  So come for us, stay for everybody and come back on SATURDAY for our buds in Miss Ohio and Stuyvesant, along with Kerbivore and Sink Tapes.

Friday, August 12th - 8 PM
332 2nd Street Jersey City, NJ 07302
Karyn Kuhl Band
Fruit & Flowers

All proceeds to benefit listener-supported college radio at WFDU-FM!

For a refresher on all things Camelfest and Sugarfest related, here's our cover of Husker Du's "Could You Be The One" from the 2012 Camelfest, live at the venue formerly known as Maxwells.


Before finally taking the board out and breaking down the studio (see below), we managed to get through all the basic demoing of the 11 songs that will make up the next record.  Huge thanks to Peter Horvath of The Anderson Council who managed to squeeze us into not one but two sessions before breaking up and relocating his own studio.  Once the new space is up and running (again, see below), it will be back to work at getting the songs prepped for tracking.


Silverbeat (named for the Bats album) was the small blue room where we tracked a ton of "Palace Amusements".  As Jerry packs up shop and moves on to a new address, we bid farewell to the tiny space where we tracked every vocal and guitar line from our last record.  It wasn't without it's problems - the acoustics were basically non-existent and the strange "square minus a square" layout meant fitting everything (and more than two people) in at the same time was a challenge.  But we made some good music in here (as did Lost Romance) and we had fun doing it, so saying goodbye comes with a bit of sadness...

// ...HELLO, something-something

...but the new address (whenever we get there) has a bigger dedicated space that is much closer to a studio.  Sure, it's a basement and it will likely have its own challenges, but at least we can get everyone in there at the same time.  Probably.  Guess we will find out.

'Till next time.

Jerry / Mark / Matt / Steve