Monday, August 6, 2012

Camelfest 2012 / Benefit for Erin West Formica


We've been a bit lax with keeping this blog up to date, so here's an update on what's happening with us. Unfortunately, it doesn't come under the best of circumstances.
If you attended our show at Clash Bar on Saturday, you probably noticed Mark's absence. We've already received a bunch of questions about it, so we wanted to fill everyone in on what is happening.
For those of you who don't know, Mark's wife Erin has been bravely battling cancer for over a year now. Erin has remained extremely upbeat and positive through this entire process which must be both physically and emotionally exhausting for her. Despite these efforts, Mark and Erin didn't receive good news on Friday. Although Erin insisted that Mark perform with us at Clash Bar on Saturday, we were all in agreement that the only place Mark should be was with Erin and their family. We missed him terribly on Saturday - it was the first time we've ever performed as a trio and it simply isn't the same without him there - but playing shows just doesn't seem that important right now.
In order to assist Mark and Erin in their fight, Erin's friends have assembled the Music of Life Fundraiser for Erin West Formica at Taste in Red Bank on Sunday, August 26th.  If you are interested in attending the benefit or making a donation, you can find the details and latest information on Facebook and at the end of this post.
Erin's benefit is the day after our next show - which also happens to be a benefit. On Saturday, August 25th, we will be performing at Camelfest 2012 at Maxwell's which is a benefit for the NJ based Roots and Wings foundation. Roots and Wings provides support and services to young adults as they age out of New Jersey's foster care system. Their vision is to "ensure those in the program have safe housing and receive personal support and guidance related to achieving educational goals, attaining life skills, securing job opportunities, having access to health services and the encouragement and guidance required to gain the skills that lead to successful assimilation into society."

We're very happy to be supporting the important work they do in New Jersey and we're equally excited to be performing with Stuyvesant, The 65's, Cinema Cinema, Gold Sounds and Bern & The Brights. Camelfest will be held once again at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ.  All of the latest Camelfest info can be found here.
Our appearance at Camelfest is our last show of the summer and is currently our only scheduled show until November.  Beyond that there really is no plan, other than standing by Mark and Erin and helping out any way that we can.  They are our family and we love them very much.
As always, thank you for your support.
Jerry / Mark / Matt / Steve


Saturday, August 25th - 7 PM
Dromedary Record's Camelfest 2012
Benefit for Roots and Wings Foundation of NJ
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ

  • Stuyvesant
  • The 65's
  • Gold Streets
  • Cinema Cinema
  • The Brixton Riot
  • Bern & The Brights

Sunday, August 26th - 4 PM
Music of Life Fundraiser for Erin West Formica
10 Bridge Avenue
Red Bank, NJ
$30 Door Donation (Cash Bar/Hors d'oeuvres served)

  • Moroccan Sheepherders
  • Scott Elk & Abe
  • Gil Velazquez
  • Laura Catalina Johnson
  • Deedee Montanaro
  • Alan Manzo
  • Owen Bowes
  • Courtney McManus
Donations can be made out to Erin West Formica for anyone that would like to donate and can't attend the fundraiser. All Checks can be sent to:

345 Broad Street
Apt # 18
Red Bank, NJ