Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is DIY

After posting about our low budget recording setup, I took some quick photos around our "studio". Polaroid effect added, effect.

This is our DIY vocal booth. It's basically two microphone stands in a "V" with a blanket and Lightning McQueen sleeping bag draped over them. We stand in the center of the V when we track vocals. The wall directly behind this setup is covered with a large blue comforter, held up by painters tape. Vocal cheat sheet visible on the left. It gets a little tight in there and since the air conditioning vent rattles, it has to be closed when we track.

One advantage of recording at home is that I get to hoard all of the amps. Not just mine, but all the amps owned by the other band members. I'd like to be on Hoarders one day, surrounded by nothing but amplifiers and guitars. My wife has the same recurring dream, only she wakes up screaming.

More amp and geetar porn.

Finally, here's our computer and the ridiculously small screen. Note the size ratio of said screen with the studio monitors.

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