Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is This Thing On?

Hi there,

Thanks for finding your way to our Blogger site. We created this blog as a "central spot" for posting band news, show information, photos and other media. We'll also be posting journal entries as we continue to work on our first record. Odds are that it will probably host the incoherent ramblings of one or more members at some point, most likely fueled by large quantities of alcohol.

The original concept was for this site to serve as a "media blog"; a place to post audio and video recordings of various live performances, rehearsals, cover songs and demos, and we certainly hope to do all that with this space. The other goal was to try and simplify our current method of blogging, which usually requires posting the same (or similar) information to Facebook, iLike, MySpace and ReverbNation. For now, we'll use this as the main online source of information for the band (though we will continue to post live dates to all of the other sites). It will also allow us to keep the mailing list emails brief and as infrequent as possible. Believe it or not, we do go out of our way to be non-intrusive.

So that's basically all we've got for now. In the upcoming weeks and months, look for more information on the recording of LP #1, free mp3 downloads, information on upcoming shows and general news items.

That's all for now.

Jerry - Mark - Matt - Steve
The Brixton Riot

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