Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Message from Mark Wright

So, this weekend we record our first full-length record. I know, yipee right? Well, I was thinking about this on the ride home from wherever I was last night. An awful lot can happen in a REALLY short period of time. During the course of writing and arranging the songs for LP #1, members of the band have experienced job losses, spouse losses, house losses, memory losses, etc.(you get the picture). We've also watched our kids grow, fallen in love, and learned a lot about being in a band and playing music. It's been a hard couple of years, but you won't hear that on most of the album. We want whoever listens to the songs to take from them what we have. There are only a few downer moments in a couple of tunes but, for the most part, we were just looking for opportunities to forget all about the negative things in life and create rock and roll that takes us, and hopefully you, to a better place. As music lovers, we're just trying to pay back what we owe to all the bands and artists that got us to where we are as a band and inspired us to look beyond the parade of dramas in everyday life to create something new. We really hope you like what you hear. Thank you!

- Mark

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