Monday, November 16, 2009

Preface To LP # 1

After countless delays, scheduling conflicts, canceled and rescheduled (and canceled again) sessions, some head-scratching, some sixth grade math and even a bout of the Swine Flu, we're finally five days away from beginning work on our debut album.

Actually, the "work" part started a long time ago. We've been preparing for a while now - writing new songs, tracking demos, arranging and re-arranging older songs and so on. We tracked our first demos for the record all the way back in April, in preparation for our originally scheduled sessions at Red Bank's Retromedia Studios in August. Then August became September and September became October. After some soul searching (and number crunching), we realized that we needed to explore other options to stay within our budget. Enter Dave Harman, drummer extraordinaire for The Campbell Apartment and the owner of Arcade Audio. After a brief scheduling hiccup in October, we're all systems go to begin rolling this Saturday.

It's hard to say exactly what will make it to the final product. The pool of tracks is about 16 deep and spans everything from our first song ("Cover's Been Blown") to our latest ("Signal To Noise Ratio") and there's even a cover song on the list. The plan is to get as many of these recorded as possible and then decide which songs will make the cut. None of the tracks on the Sudden Fiction EP will be repeated on the record.

And that, dear reader, is where we stand. We're planning on blogging, tweeting (I can't stand this word) and whatever it is that one does on Facebook throughout the recording process, but really, all that is secondary to actually recording. So all I can say for certain is "we'll try".

Oh, and as for that vague and unoriginal title "LP #1"...I'm happy to report that we do have a few candidates for a real title, with one front runner...but we're going to keep those quiet for now.

- Jerry

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